Jazz Maestro Biography

Jazz Maestro Biography

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Name: Gerald A. Montgomery

Age: Born May 1970

Birth Place: Columbus Ohio (Resident of Minnesota since October 1998)

Education: DeVry, Bachelors of Science, Electrical Engineering Technology, 1991

Military Service: U.S. Marines, 1992-1997 (Enlisted, Non-Commission Officer).

l  22nd MEU (1993), the first official response to “Black Hawk Down” in Somalia.

Countries Visited: Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Norway and Japan

Personal Website: www.memsripsofrhapsody.net

Geo-Africanist, G-Spot Columnist for Aim Magazine, AtlanticDivide Co-blogger, and Author of MEMS, Rips of Rhapsody (ISBN: 978-1-4512-6409-8)

AtlanticDivide is a Blog at www.atlanticrock.com

G-Spot is a column in AIM Magazine (Africans In Motion), an online magazine based out of Minnesota via Kenya, where in I discuss aspects of love, marriage, and dating from an African-American perspective.  (Since October 2009) www.issuu.com/aimminnesota

Current Projects:

Book: Geo-Africanism: Reclaiming a Birthright.

Host: “Word Power” spoken word venue: @Jumbo Africa, 6000 Shingle Creek Pkwy

Writing: AIM Magazine and Africana

Other Accomplishments:

l  I have written a collection of poetry (not published), a book about the rules of one-on-one communication, and MEMS, Rips of Rhapsody (both self published).

l  Commissioned throuhout my life to produce art, logos, and graphic designs.

l  Recorded, produced, and performed Hip Hop music. Songs played on Ohio, Canadian and New Jersey radio stations.

l  Co-hosted an Open Mic with local Spoken Word artist Ibé (pronounced “E-Bay”) twice a month at Salem Coffee Shop in Minneapolis.

l  Founding member of two grassroots organizations; The Talented Seven and C.O.R.E, (neither are currently active)

Current Passions:

l  GeoAfricanism, founder

l  The institution of the Black Family; rebuilding its infrastructure through the restoration of the black man. Slogan: “Please recycle, be a father to your child


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