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NEXTAINMENT, LLC is the producer of TASTE OF LIBERIA™. We look forward to working with all our stakeholders, our sponsors, local city and state government agencies, community organizations, and the general public to make TASTE OF LIBERIA™ a very unique and worthwhile educational and cultural journey in the United States and beyond.

Organizational Summary

Nextainment, LLC is an event and promotional marketing firm founded in 2003 and reinstated in 2014 to provide event marketing and promotional services to corporations, governments, nonprofits, venue owners, promoters, and event planners who wish to cater to the growing and ever diverse Pan African populations in The United States, Europe, and Africa.  With the influx of new Pan African residents to the United States, Europe, and growing middle class populations in Africa, niche marketing and promotions are essential to staying competitive and boosting revenues.  Sought after target markets can be attracted with specialized promotional marketing and entertainment packages.

Nextainment, LLC works with businesses, non-profit organizations, and government entities to tailor marketing and event entertainment services that will increase traffic, give more exposure, and increase revenues.  Based on our clients’ needs; we do the research, provide the advertising, and execute the plan.  Our purpose is to help our clients meet their goals and objectives through unique promotions and event marketing projects that promote brand awareness, increase sales, and satisfy their guests and stakeholders.

Mission Statement

To provide sophisticated, exciting, and culturally diverse entertainment and promotional options that will enable our clients and partners to attract their target markets and increase their sales.  We strive to do this always with our clients, partners, and guests best interests at heart. Perfection in everything we do will be our goal, ethical behavior our guide, and innovation our tool.

Nextainment, LLC


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