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Global Health Ministries (GHM), a Minneapolis-based nonprofit with a mission of “Continuing the holistic ministry of Jesus Christ by partnering with Lutheran efforts globally to enhance and sustain the health and well-being of the communities served,” provides financial and material support as well as consultation and mentoring to Lutheran healthcare programs in developing countries.  Malaria prevention and clean water initiatives, training village health workers in basic first aid as well as preventive care, equipping mobile health teams, supporting income generation projects that address the poverty that makes people particularly vulnerable to disease – all are in GHM’s arsenal for enhancing and sustaining partner programs that deliver demonstrable improvements in community health.  Through community-based primary healthcare programs in Nigeria and Madagascar, GHM trains and empowers village assessment teams to identify and act on priorities that will improve the health and well-being of their communities.

Founded by returning medical missionaries in 1987, GHM continues its work assisting partners in other countries, such as Tanzania, Cameroon, Liberia, Central African Republic, Papua New Guinea, Zimbabwe.  A volunteer-powered organization, GHM is a gateway for involvement in global heath mission.

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Rev. Doug Cox, Executive Director.  Doug comes to us as an ELCA pastor and former missionary in Madagascar.  He deeply cherishes how God has led him into cross cultural relationships throughout his life, from growing up with family in Holland and Germany, to serving in Egypt, Tunisia, France, Haiti, and diverse communities in the USA.  Doug and his wife Monica live in Chaska, MN with their two sons.


Scott Lien, Director of Operations. Scott has been with GHM since 1998, and coordinates the shipping program. Scott has traveled and visited many of the Lutheran mission hospitals and rural clinics served by GHM, and has a passion for this healing ministry of Jesus Christ. Scott is married with two children and lives in Andover, MN.


Wanda Tutt, GHM Office Manager since 2013.  Wanda enjoys using her spiritual gifts within this position to empower the ministry of Global Health Ministries. She presides in Maple Grove, MN with her husband of 46 years.


Kim Dickey, Director for Mission Development since 2013.  In this position Kim has advanced the continued success and growth of Global Health Ministries through promotional and relationship-building activities to engender engagement in and support of GHM’s mission by individuals, congregations and others.  Kim is married with three daughters and lives in Minneapolis, MN.


John Scheck is the warehouse and volunteer manager and has served in that capacity for a year and half now.  On a daily basis he is awed by God’s providence in supplying the needed volunteers and materials to get all the work done and all the shipments out the door.  He advertises constantly for volunteer help, so why not now!  If you have it in your heart and mind to do volunteer work, contact John Scheck at 763-586-9590.


Kou Queeglay-Farngalo Educational background consists of a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration and a Licensed Nurse from Minnesota State College. Kou professional experience includes working for health and human services, chemical dependency and adults and children with developmental disabilities.  Kou has extensive experience in working in community health education, HIV.STD prevention, Reproductive Health and Sanitation.  Kou is the founder and Executive director of community of Angels, owner of Transformers Health and Beauty Supply and currently serves as a Board of Director at Goble Health Ministries. Kou volunteer experience includes working oversees in refugee camps and villages providing Medical treatments, health education and prevention and also in the African refugee community in MN.  She is a wife and proud mother of two sons and a daughter.

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Dr. Paul Mertens, MD, family physician with a certificate in Tropical Medicine, has served as Medical Director at Curran Lutheran Hospital in Zorzor, Liberia from 1966-1975, and has continued serving in Liberia as a medical consultant until present day. Recent work includes authoring and editing “The Handbook for Health Personnel in Liberia”, and teaching at the Tubman National Institute of Medical Arts (TNIMA) in Liberia. Dr Mertens has been very involved throughout the Ebola crisis, and has been working closely with GHM in our response and support of the Lutheran Church in Liberia and the Ministry of Health for the Government of Liberia.


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