Kim Mirander Biography

About Kim Lisa Mirander


Dancer , Choreographer,  Model , Director , Actor , Creator , Businesswoman .

Studied Mass Communications and minor in Theatre.

Things that I enjoy doing :

I love working with kids. They’re so precious and blessed to be around.

Working with people with disabilities.

Being around positive individuals who wants to grow and build. Visionaries.

Crazy truth about me :

I enjoy dancing so much that If I go a day without dancing I start to feel unhappy. Like something is wrong with me.

Fun fact about me :

I love my mother.

I am a vegetarian.

One hobby of mine is eating.  Something about a good cooked homemade meal.  When you’re sad  your whole mood can changed from eating Liberian food.

Instagram  : iknowulooking 

Facebook : kim mirander

Youtube : kim mirander

Twitter: kim mirander


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